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P2 update site for eclipse-bash-editor -

P2 update site

This is just a eclipse p2 plugin update site and not a “real” web site.

Content structure

The p2 update site has following structure:


Usage in eclipse


Just search for the plugin in eclipse marketplace client of your eclipse installation and trigger the install there. Then there is no manual setup necessary !

The eclipse markeplace client will automatically

Other ways

The eclipse marketplace is normally “the way to go”, because it is central, convenient, update-site changes - even location changes - are automatically distributed and much more benefits. But if you really need another way to install the plugin you can use the update-site directly or create your own local site:

Add update-site manually

Provide as local update sites

If you want to provide the plugin by a local update site - e.g. when no internet connection to eclipse maretplace is possible/allowed - you can simply copy the complete content structure to your local disk. After this you have to do same steps described before to add the update-site manually, but instead of the URL of this site you simple use your local update site path.